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Iraqi Scholarship to American Universities

Welcome Students,

If you have received a scholarship or funding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) or from your Iraqi university, congratulations!  The scholarship that you have been awarded will shape your future and ensure a better life for you and for Iraq.

Your colleagues who currently are studying at American universities have proven to be real ambassadors for Iraq in their manners, dedication and distinguished performance in spite of the cultural and communication difficulties they faced when they began their studies.

Be assured that everybody at the Cultural Office in Washington D.C. is here to help and support you and your family in any way possible to ensure that your transition into study in the United States is as smooth as possible.

American universities have their own rules and regulations for admitting students.  These universities are distinguished world-wide in many areas, including in their standards of education, research and talented faculty.  American universities are independent from any official control and are entirely self-governed.

The instructions following are crucial to your successful admission to an accredited American university.  In order for the Iraqi Cultural Office to best assist you in your search for an appropriate academic program, we will need you to provide important documents and information.

Finally, we must stress that the real “passport” to get into an American university is English language.  You must take this seriously and understand that even with all of your talent, attending university in the U.S. will be no easy task.

Instructions for Registration of Scholarship Students:

In order to be admitted an American university, you must provide required information and documents.  Our office will help you with this, but your success in obtaining admission relies on your own initiative.  Further, it is necessary that you respond to correspondence from American universities and from the Iraqi Cultural Office in a timely manner.

The required documents must be submitted by email as attachments to  The required documents include:

  • Full academic transcripts
  • Ministerial or Iraqi university scholarship letter (financial support letter)
  • C.V.
  • Language test scores
  • GRE scores (if applicable)
  • Masters thesis abstract (if applicable)
  • Passport
  • Passports of dependents (spouse and children, if they will accompany you)


Please provide as much of the documentation as you can.  If you are unable to provide certain documents, please account for the missing documents in the text of the email.

Please use the following format when emailing your documents to

Name (as in passport):

Are the following documents attached?

Academic transcripts: Yes/No

If no, why?


Scholarship letter (Financial Support letter): Yes/No

If no, why?


C.V.: Yes/No

If no, why?


Language Test Scores: Yes/No

If no, why?


GRE scores (optional): Yes/No


Thesis abstract (optional): Yes/No


Passport: Yes/No

If no, why?


In addition to the documents it is necessary to submit the following registration form.  It is important that you fill out the form completely (note: this is not a formal application to American universities).  Please provide a reliable email address and phone number.  American universities will be contacting you by email primarily, and the Iraqi Cultural Office may need to contact you by email or phone throughout the process.

To fill the registration form, please click here

Iraqi Cultural Office

1801 P St NW 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20036

Phone1: 202-986-2626, Phone2: 202-986-2899, Fax: 202-986-2291 


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